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TradeSkool is a contemporary company devoted to giving children a competitive edge on their future.  Our mission is to provide students with an enjoyable and innovative way to practice class subjects as well as real world skills in order to foster confident learners.  Using our tangible trading cards along with our interactive website, we aim to create an affordable outlet for seamless and engaging learning. 

card value page

Card Val-U

What are your cards worth? Check each of your cards point value that changes on our website everyday! Your profile gives you the ability to add the cards you have and subtract the cards you trade! 

quiz page


Show what you know! Use the cards to earn points and unlock awards for all of your hard work!

quote page

Daily Pudding

Sugar free words of positivity. 

dog race page

Dog Race

Just for fun!

Card Game

No electronics? No Problem! Just grab your cards and a friend & follow the game code!

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